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My Holistic Approach

In every coaching session, I provide a safe space for you to express your concerns. I guide each session in a non-judgmental and resource-oriented manner because I believe that everything you need to succeed is already within you.


My coaching approach is holistic, meaning that I don't just focus on the mind (cerebral cortex), but also take into account the emotional level (limbic system) which is often the root of many issues. During our coaching sessions, we look back to explore what may be blocking you, as well as forward to formulate goals.


I use a muscle test from kinesiology and tapping techniques in addition to conversation to help you overcome your challenges.




During our dialogue, we'll get to the bottom of your issue and explore the beliefs that may be hindering your progress.



We'll find out how (and what) you feel about the topic and identify the emotions that arise.


Most importantly, we'll figure out how you want to feel and what you want to achieve.



The kinesiological muscle test can help us explore the unconscious emotions and beliefs that may be holding you back.

Addressing these issues can be the key to resolving your challenges at the deepest level.

Your individual process

We design each session individually according to your topic and your needs.


How does holistic coaching work?

You don't have to prepare much, just...n topic has what you want to feel lighter with. We will first explore this in conversation and in the process.

After we have explored your topic in the initial conversation, we formulate a goal: Where do you want to go? How do you want to feel? What do you want to be able to say with conviction?

Then we explore which (sometimes unconscious) emotions are present. That's what I uselike a muscle test from kinesiology. He kann help in many casesto find out what exactly bseems elastic.

Various tapping and visualization techniquesics have proven themselves in the processing of emotions (limbic system).  This way your topics can be realigned.

The goal is that a topic is ok for you, i.e. no longer stressful. That you feel clearer and more calmso feel; tidier inside.

If you like, you will receive journaling impulses from me between sessions to deepen the process even further.

You want to try it once? Then let’s get to know each other!

with which you can come to me


Inner restlessness - the feeling of being driven

There are moments when you would have time to breathe deeply and relax - but inner restlessness prevents you from doing so? It would be better to answer the message, to do this quickly... The thought of peace or silence feels oppressive.

Together we will seek your access to more inner peace.


Lack of boundaries

You actually want to say no, but before you know it, you've accepted the fifth request in a row. Sure, no problem," your mouth says faster than your mind. You want to please everyone, but not so much yourself.

Let's see where your desire to please everyone comes from. Let us work to ensure that you can set limits independently and with ease.


Desire for more self-confidence and development 

You feel insecure, reserved, perhaps even afraid. You want to do this one thing, take this one step. But something is stopping you.

Find more self-confidence (again) and go your own way.

Your very individual situation

Of course you can come to me with any other topic.


We get to know each other in a preliminary conversation and then we both decide whether it is right for us.



You no longer recognize yourself; you used to be structured and reliable. Now you forget appointments and tasks, you no longer know which way is up and down, the day is racing past you. Everything is too much...

I will accompany you step by step from your situationorder.


Exam or performance anxiety

When you think about the big day, your palms get sweaty, and in your head you see yourself standing there - having a blackout. The thought of being looked at and judged by others turns your stomach. You have had a bad experience in the past and are now afraid that it will happen again.

No matter where the origin of your worries lies, we will explore them and prepare you holistically for your big day.



As soon as you get up, you feel the weight of the world on your chest.

Everything seems bleak and hopeless. You don't know where to start, you don't know how to continue.

Together we can explore your situation and invite a little lightness.

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